Apple to let Swiss watchmaker Swatch manufacture the iWatch

News 21:17, 24 Jul 2014

Apple has liscensed the Swiss watchmaker giant to manufacture iWatch sans the swatch branding

Top 5 mobile phones to buy this month

News 21:03, 24 Jul 2014

We bring you the list of top 5 mobiles that you can invest in this month

LG Q2 results witness exponential sales and profit growth

News 20:52, 24 Jul 2014

LG sees a steep climb in its Q2 profits; 4G LTE bet pays off

OnePlus One may soon come to India

News 18:55, 24 Jul 2014

OnePlus One may soon be in India says the company indiacting massive interest from Indian consumers

Galaxy S5 Alpha will be the first device in the Alpha series

News 16:26, 24 Jul 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha will be a smaller version of the Galaxy S5 with slightly trimmed down features

Blackberry Z10 price slashed back to Rs 13,999

News 11:54, 24 Jul 2014

BlackBerry 10.2.1 powered, Z10 up for grabs for just Rs 13,999 in India

HTC logo

Yeehaw! HTC puts up Sense Keyboard on Play Store

News 10:59, 24 Jul 2014

The Sense Keyboard is now available as an app on the Play Store but only for Sense 6 smartphones

Asus ZenFone 6 vs Moto G

Vs 10:32, 24 Jul 2014

The ZenFone 6 is mid-range phablet launched by Asus recently in India. How does it compare to the Moto G?

LG G3 Review: Hands on first look

Reviews 09:49, 24 Jul 2014

LG has just launched the G3 in India and here's what we think about it's latest flagship

Top 5 most overpriced phones in India

News 09:45, 24 Jul 2014

We pick the five worst cases of pricing of smartphones in the Indian market

Raging OS Wars: Windows Phone 8.1 vs Android L

Vs 20:53, 23 Jul 2014

We pit the latest operating systems Windows Phone 8.1 against the upcoming Android iteration, Android L

Blackberry introduces new Add button for BBM

News 20:47, 23 Jul 2014

Blackberry has introduced a new add button for its BBM users which will give suggestions of BBM contacts to be added

BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry announces discounts on its OS7 and BB10 phones

News 20:43, 23 Jul 2014

BlackBerry special offer is available on BlackBerry 9320, BlackBerry 9720 and BlackBerry Q5 smartphones

Foxonn has just confirmed a Q4 release date for the iPhone 6

News 17:04, 23 Jul 2014

Apple has just placed an order of 80+ million units of the iPhone 6 and is looking towards launching it in the fourth quarter of the year

HTC expected to launch more tablets along with Nexus 9

News 14:45, 23 Jul 2014

HTC is readying the T7 and T12 Tablets along with the Nexus 9 and will be released this year end

WWDC 2014 focuses on Apple iOS 8

iOS 8 Beta 4 rolled out by Apple

News 10:30, 23 Jul 2014

The fourth beta varsion of Apple's latest iOS is already seeding bring a host of improvements

Moto G

Moto G2: Features, Price and Release Date

News 10:08, 23 Jul 2014

Motorola's successor to its low-budget Moto G is tipped to lauunch in November

Micromax Android One smartphone may arrive in Q4 2014

Features 09:40, 23 Jul 2014

The Android One program kickstarts with Micromax and the first phone from the brand may arrive in the fourth quarter of this year

Xiaomi Mi3 sold out in less than 40 minutes

News 09:00, 23 Jul 2014

Xiaomi Mi3 went out of stock in less than 40 minutes of it going on sale; also introduces fitness tracker for merely $13

HTC watch stars in brand promotion video

News 20:58, 22 Jul 2014

The HTC watch appears in company video; design in sync with the rumors so far

HTC One M8 international version gets its last update

News 20:36, 22 Jul 2014

HTC has adressed all the security bugs and some minor UI issues in this update making it as good as the 4.4.4

HTC Butterfly 2 and Eye pegged for year-end

News 19:56, 22 Jul 2014

HTC is gearing upto launch Butterfly 2 and a selfie phone dubbed, Eye in the last quarter of this year

LG G3 Prime arrives on July 25

News 19:22, 22 Jul 2014

LG G3 Prime will be a premium varient of the G3 and will be seen sporting latest Snapdragon 805 SoC with improved connectivity options

Say hello to Xiaomi Mi4!

News 16:01, 22 Jul 2014

Xiaomi launches its latest flagship smartphone Mi4 powered by Snapdragon 801 SoC processor

Exclusive: LG G3 Beat is coming to India in August-September

News 12:44, 22 Jul 2014

Steve Koh, Head- Mobile Communication, LG shares exciting details on the arrival of G3 Beat and company's future plans for India

Samsung: Overheating not to be blame for warped covers

News 10:35, 22 Jul 2014

Samsung has released a official statement stating that the deformation of Galaxy Tab S was not a result of overheating