How to set up a Wi-Fi connection on the Acer Iconia tab A500

User Guides 16:13, 9 Jun 2011

Check out our simple guide to connecting your Acer Iconia tab A500 to a Wi-Fi network

When you are using your Acer Iconia  tab A500 for the first time, you can easily select the Wi-Fi network. Select the network you wish to connect to, enter the password if required and you're set up.

To connect Acer Iconia  tab A500 to a Wi-Fi network simply follow these instructions:

  • Access the Wi-Fi settings menu by navigating to the apps
  • Select Wi-Fi  settings
  • Click on wireless & networks to manage your connection settings
  • Now turn wifi-on and wait for your tablet to detect nearby networks
  • Choose a listed network, or add a hidden network by selecting Add Wi-Fi network
  • Once you see the name of the network you want tap on it and enter the security password

When using an external USB storage device, the device may not be recognized for a few minutes. The Acer video player only plays MP4 files, so please check for updates to the tablets software which may add support for other types of video.

Acer Iconia  tab A500 also comes with a optional dock that allows you to charge and hold your device. The dock provides extra connectors that replace your device's inbuilt connectors while it is docked.

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