My Movies review: Samsung’s own movie store

Features Gagan Kumar 17:20, 8 Nov 2011

Watch hundreds of free movies using My movies app on your Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Tab 750

My Movie is a cloud service powered by BIGFlix for Samsung devices like smartphones and tablets. It can be accessed via Samsung app store. The Samsung app store comes preloaded in Samsung Galaxy S2 and other recently launched devices like Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 750, Tab 730 and others. 

My Movie can be downloaded through the Samsung App store. Available for free, the app basically connects you to a movie hub which gives you access to hundred's of free movies. To access the Samsung App store you need to connect your device to a Wi-Fi or 3G internet. When your device is connected to the internet you can access the Samsung App store by navigating to the Samsung App store and downloading the 'My Movie' app.

Once the installation is complete you can access the movie store. My Movies has three categories Trailers, Music Videos and Movies. While clicking on the trailers you can watch latest trailers or the most popular trailers, the latest movies and popular movies tab bring you the latest and best in the category.

The Good: The good part about this app is that its layout is really very simple. You have a search box on the top and then the filter option which enables you to filter by language, genre and alphabet. The streaming speed of the movie is also brilliant.

The Bad: The negative part of the application is its rather small collection. The app has some hundred movies and while they have uploaded different genre of movies, most of them include the classical Hindi movies.

In addition there is only one search box for all categories. To be more precise, when you click on the filter option, you do not get the advanced filter option. When you search by the alphabet you can only insert one alphabet. For instance, if you search “Rocky 2” its shows only one result and that also a Trailer of Hindi Movie.

Lastly at the moment the app is only available on the Galaxy S2 and Tab 750, which limits other Samsung users from using this app

Overall however the application works well and will be a delight for mobile users who stream movies. So simply sit back, grab those popcorns and enjoy your favourite movie via My Moviess app.

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