Should you update to iOS 7 on release day?

News Shardendu Gautam 01:04, 11 Sep 2013

Apple has given a date for the roll out of iOS 7 but should you be the first in line?

Apple concluded its much anticipated annual iPhone event a couple of hours ago. Amidst the noise of the new hardware that Apple had worked on, iOS 7 took a backseat. Apple confirmed that it will be releasing iOS 7 as a free download from September 18th.

One of the most common queries that springs up is should you upgrade on the release day? A very short answer to the question is no, not unless you are absolutely craving to get a feel of the “flat” design on the heavily redesigned OS.

Among the reasons which require you to wait, the major one is definitely the initial bugs. iOS 6 saw its fair share of bugs when people updated to it initially. We had reports of steep drop in battery life, failure to detect Wi-Fi and other stability problems. It would be harsh to single out Apple in this regard as most updates on any platform tend to come with few bugs initially.

It would be wiser to wait for Apple to iron out the bugs and jump directly into a much more stable environment.

For the people who are running a jailbroken version of the iPhone, you would certainly want to steer clear of the update. There is no jailbreak in sight for iOS 7 right now. You might want to wait and take advantage of the jailbroken goodness of iOS 7.

There is also the issue of apps. There might be some apps which haven’t yet managed to update themselves for iOS 7. You might want to give the developers some time to be properly sure that you don’t lose any app and the associated data.

If you don’t any of the mentioned issues, you can go for an update on the release day. There is little probability of total mayhem on your device given Apple’s rigorous beta cycle. The company is not exactly known for releasing half-baked products. But it might be more beneficial if you decide to wait and learn from the mistake of others.

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