Apple to use buyback and EMI schemes for iPad Air and new iPad mini

News Abhinaya Prabhu 16:16, 3 Dec 2013

iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display to come with buyback and EMI schemes to boost sales in India

Apple has achieved a huge lift in the iPhone sales in India after opening the EMI schemes and buyback offers. Following similar pattern, the Cupertino-giant is expected to roll-out similar offer for its upcoming iPads that are scheduled to debut in India starting from December 7.

According to Economic Times, Apple is reportedly planning to offer a range of enticing promotional offers such as buyback and EMI schemes on its forthcoming offerings. 

Ahead of their release, Apple has confirmed that the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Air will be priced at Rs 35,900 and the 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad Mini with Retina Display will carry a price tag of Rs 28,900.

The report claims that a senior executive with an Apple trade partner in India has indicated that the company has plans to drive the sales by running promotional activities for the new iPads.

The notable offers could be buyback schemes on old iPads and other tablets as well, cash back offer and EMI schemes, a similar strategy adopted for the iPhones. This hints that Apple is aiming to make India one of its hottest selling markets with a major growth in the sales of iPad.

The report also tips that Apple might announce a significant price drop on its existing iPad Mini. Consequently, a sub Rs 20,000 priced Apple tablet could give a stiff competition to the other Android tablets.

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