Apple iPad Mini 2 specs, features, price and release date in India

News V.A Kulkarni 04:13, 17 Aug 2013

KYMI rounds up all the news and rumours surrounding Apple's next generation iPad Mini 2

The iPad Mini created quite a rage when it first released, specially with its lower price tag and its ultra slim bezels. Now, its successor, the iPad Mini 2, is close to becoming official and is creating waves of its own with its rumoured specs and features, many of which are marked improvements on its predecessor's. Want to know everything about the new and improved slate? Read on.

The iPad Mini's thin casing and sleek body were so well received, the tech world is abuzz with rumours that the next iPad will be designed on the same lines as the slate. In such a scenario, it is unlikely that Apple will fiddle around too much with the casing of the iPad Mini 2. At the most, it might just tweak it a bit, making it slightly thinner and lighter with even slimmer bezels.

The second generation iPad Mini is rumoured to be powered by either Apple's A6 chipset or the newest processor the tech giant is working on - the A7. Even if it does not sport the A7 processor, the A6 architecture will give the iPad Mini 2 all the juice it needs to run iOS smoothly and without lags. iOS 7 is the latest build of Apple's operating system, and its most sophisticated. It is this build that is likely to power the iPad Mini 2.

Apple is likely to offer the iPad Mini 2 with its usual storage options of 16, 32 and 64 BG but word around the tech world is that it might retail the stale in a variant of 128 GB of memory as well. The device's RAM should be 1 GB too.

The tablet's camera is expected to be boosted up to 8-megapixel while its secondary front facer might come with 1080p video recording capabilities.

The display on the iPad Mini 2 might get a revamp as well. Based on IGZO technology, it is rumoured to be thinner, with a better resolution and pixel density than before. There are conflicting rumours doing the rounds about the tablet's display. While some information points at the well known resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, others suggest a Retina Display for the slate.

The iPad Mini 2 is believed to launch a few weeks after Apple unveils its new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C handsets in September. If the tech giant sticks to its yearly tradition and does release its smartphones next month, chances are that we will see the new iPad Mini 2 soon after, either at the end of September or in the beginning of October.

Given the history of Apple's pricing, the iPad Mini 2 is most likely to be priced just like the iPad Mini was when it was first launched. If it does become official in October, the slate should start shipping soon after and we should see it in India in a few months.

We will be following the launch of all of Apple's newbies come September. Stay with us on KYMI.

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