DIY: How to download and install iOS 7 on Apple iPhone 4

News Natasha Garyali 13:37, 14 Jun 2013

Tempted by the latest Apple iOS 7 OS? KYMI brings you DIY guide that allows you to install iOS 7 beta on your iPhone 4 right away

Apple announced the much awaited iOS 7 at the WWDC recently detailing various features that the new OS will bring onboard.

Standing out from its predecessor, iOS 6 with its simplified, flat and streamlined interface won both fans and critics. While some have been impressed with the finer details and revamped icons, others have criticized it for being simple, childish and basic.

If you are itching to get hold of the iOS7, our DIY guide shows you just what to do to download and install the latest operating system on your iPhone 4.

You will be jumping through some hoops, so be sure you are absolutely sure about it.

Apart from that you should also be ready to shell $99 (roughly Rs 5,400) a year. Also as is the case with any beta product, the iOS 7 beta preview has its share of risks which includes crashes, bugs, the chance of losing data and bricking.

Also a reminder that not all iOS 7 features will be ported to the iPhone 4. For example you won't be getting the AirDrop, Siri, filters in the camera or the panorama shooting. On the brighter side you will get filters in photos, square/video formats, swipe to capture and the recently launched itunes Radio. hoorah!

Lets kick off:

1. Start with backing up your device.

2. Now head to the Apple Developer Program and sign up. As you would expect the site is in demand and can be really slow at times, so be patient while it loads or better still head back after 2-3 days.

3. The Apple Developer Program will cost you $99 for a year. Once you are in, head to the iOS Developer section.

4. Make sure you have your device's UDID registered in the Developer Center before you start installing the iOS 7 beta.

5. Now download the right version of the iOS 7 beta for the iPhone 4 you have.

6. Make sure you download the latest version of iTunes which you can get from here:

7. Open the .dmg file and extract the iOS beta file. Just look for the file which ends with '.ipsw'

8. Now connect your device to a computer and fire up iTunes.

9. Click on the 'iPhone' button in iTunes, which brings up your device's stats.  Make sure that you have your device backed up here - that's very important.

10. Now you need to hold the 'Option' key and then hit the 'Restore iPhone' button.

11. You will be given a choice of files. Select the iOS 7 beta file you just downloaded.

12. The installation will take 10 odd minutes  - so make sure during this time that device stays connected.

13. Once its is done you should be looking at the latest iOS 7 version on your iPhone 4.
Do share your experience of the new iOS 7 with us below once you have downloaded.

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