Sibling Showdown: BB Q5 vs BB Q10

Vs V.A Kulkarni 23:00, 30 May 2013

Out of the brand new Q5 and Q10, which is the better BlackBerry QWERTY smartphone? KYMI compares the siblings to find out

With its 720p Super AMOLED touch display, 4G connectivity and premium build, the BB Q10 signals the return of BlackBerry into the folds of the smartphone arena. Powered by the much improved BB 10 operating system and Qualcomm's dual-core processor, it brings QWERTY back with a bang.

BlackBerry doesn't stop there, however. It has also build the Q5, a BB 10 powered QWERTY that is aimed at the affordable price range. We compare the handsets to see what really sets them apart and which one is the ultimate BlackBerry QWERTY of the future.


BB Q10: 119.6 x 66.8 x 10.4mm, 139g

BB Q5: 120.6 x 66 x 10.8mm, 120g

The BB Q10 blends a fixed QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen perfectly. Those familiar with BlackBerry's Bold series will specially appreciate how the larger display sits with the keypad. The handset is neat and compact and as KYM found, offers users the best of both the physical QWERTY and the touchscreen worlds.

The Q10's build quality is certainly something to write home about. It looks and feels like the premium device that it is - BlackBerry has finished it to a high standard indeed, specially with its 'Glass Weave' back panel. The metal BlackBerry logo embedded into the Glass Weave and the minimal metal strip on the top of the handset add to its sophistication.

The metal strips on the front of the device divide the different bands of keys on the keyboard. Not only does the design look elegant, it aids faster and more accurate typing.

As an affordable handset, the BB Q5 looks anything but tardy. Like its big brother, the Q5 also matches its relatively large touchscreen with its physical QWERTY keyboard beautifully. Though it comes in a polycarbonate casing that confirms its affordability, it still looks like a neat, clean handset. Its bright coloured casing adds a zing to its personality without making it look cheap.

With its premium build, the BB Q10 wins the form round.

Winner: BB Q10

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