Top 5 features that make the BB Q5 an ideal QWERTY device

Top 10s V.A Kulkarni 03:13, 17 Jul 2013

The BB Q5 blends functionality and looks with affordability effortlessly

BlackBerry is hoping to win some of its lost glory back with its new and much improved BB 10 handsets. With the BB Q5, it offers smartphone enthusiasts all the convenience of its new-age operating system at a reasonable price point. We tell you the top 5 reasons to consider the new QWERTY on the block.

1. Keypad and Swipe: The BB Q5 is designed in such a way that one can get the maximum mileage out of the handset by using both its physical keypad and its swipe controls. While the former is BlackBerry's forte and makes typing quick and accurate, the latter is ideal for kicking the phone into action in an instant, whatever that action may be.

2. Screen: The BB Q5 packs in a 3.1-inch display with a resolution of 720 x 720 pixels and a pixel density of 328 ppi. In fact, the size of the screen fits in snugly with its physical keyboard whist giving its users enough surface area for both work and play. At its size, the screen's resolution makes for clear, well defined imagery, be it texts or pictures.

3. Form: BlackBerry's latest offering is sleek, despite its heavy duty physical keyboard. With its slim body and curved edges, the phone is easy to carry around and use. And with colours that range from the classic black and white to the bold and outgoing red, BlackBerry has made sure that there is a BB Q5 for everyone.

4. BB 10 Operating System: The BB 10 platform is a marked improvement over the tech giant's previous offerings. It comes with a host of intuitive, user friendly features and at the same time retains some of the key specs that made BlackBerry a winner in its hay days. BB Hub, BB World, BB Time Shift, BB Story Maker and BBM Chat with Video make the Q5 a device that can handle both, one's work and one's play while keeping them independent of each other.

5. Price: As compared to the BB Q10 and the BB Z10, the BB Q5 has been priced below the Rs. 25,000 mark. Placed at a price point that is a whole lot more desirable than those of its elder siblings, it offers users almost all the functional features that they do - minus the frills. Though it lacks the metallic assents of its seniors, the BB Q5 is certainly worth more than a second glance with its good looks and convenient features.

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