Karbonn A1 budget Android Smartphone review

Reviews Rishabh Jain 02:21, 23 Sep 2011

We review the Karbonn A1, a budget Android smartphone recently launched in the Indian market

Of late, we have seen a huge number of Android smartphone thronging the Indian market. The availability of Android as an operating system has promoted the need for affordable smartphones for the average Indian consumer.

While established brands such as Spice and Micromax have introduced their own budget smartphones, upcoming brands such as Karbonn are keeping up with the tempo. Precisely, we bring you the Karbonn A1, one of the most anticipated budget Android smartphones.

The A1 features a 2.8-inch TFT touchscreen, Android Froyo OS and a 3.2-megapixel camera. Besides, it offers a multi-format audio player and expandable memory up to 32 GB. It is also Wi-Fi and 3G capable.

Look and feel

Weighing around 105g, the A1 is a lightweight bar phone which offers a 2.8-inch TFT touchscreen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. A TFT touchscreen means that each pixel of your phone is backed by a tiny transistor, which ensures crisp images, graphics and animations. Available only in Black color, the phone looks quite sturdy with its 106.8mm x 59.2mm x 14.0 mm dimensions. With a rounded body and a polka dot design at the back, the phone feels good to hold and look at.

Fetures and Interface

The device comes with 3 physical buttons along with its touchscreen. Along with call/call end buttons, it offers a physical button in between in addition to 4 navigator buttons for up, down, right and left navigation.

The USB/charger port is located at the bottom of the handset while its 3.5mm audio jack is located on the top. To access the Micro USB port of the handset one needs to take off the back cover first, which renders a slight inconvenience.

The touch-sensitive buttons located at the bottom of the screen include the Home, menu and back buttons and come in quite handy while trying to navigate the phone.

In addition to that, the device offers 4 homescreens. One is completely plain and lets have a look at its touch-friendly wallpaper that is equipped with a ripple effect.

We have to say that we are impressed with the attractive wallpaper, which looks like water and creates ripples the moment you touch it, anywhere on the touchscreen. The others include a search bar, various icons along with touch icons that help use functions such Bluetooth and brightness right from the homescreen. Having multiple homescreens enables the user to access and use icons more conveniently.

Apps & services: The Handset also offers services such as mobile TV, GPS and email. One interesting feature is the pre-loaded Raging Thunder game. It was a pleasure to go on high-speed car races in the game with decent graphics and good sound effects from the phone. Along with that, it comes with an ebook reader called Aldiko which is a great feature considering it is a budget smartphone.

Connectivity: The handset also makes it easy to access the net with its additional Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities. We downloaded apps such as Air control Lite and Solitaire from the Android market on a 3G connection, and we have to say that the set provides a decent gaming experience.

 Other interesting features in the phone include a call blocking feature known as the black list via which you can block spam callers by selecting them from your call log.

It also includes a voice dialer, a sound recorder, a news and weather app and a navigator app. The most interesting feature of the Karbonn A1 is its user guide icon that is situated right on the screen. You no longer need to revert to a book to know about the usage of your phone, its right there on the screen.

The handset also comes with an inbuilt Android market app that makes it easy to download numerous Android apps and games.



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