Apple iPhone theme for LG Cookie KP500

Themes 19:34, 25 Jun 2009

We bring you an Apple iPhone theme along with ring tones and wallpapers for your LG Cookie

If you hadn't noticed, the phone of the moment, for quite some time, has been the iPhone. Even if you haven't got one yourself, there's no reason you can't make your LG Cookie KP500 look a bit like one, to silence all of your friends.

This iPhone theme will give your phone a complete makeover, with a new ringtone and a handful of wallpapers taken from the iPhone's own interface. Get that desirable iPhone look without having to shell out all that cash.

You can't easily change the more involved elements of your LG Cookie's interface, but changing wallpapers is very simple. Just download the theme file, unzip it and then transfer the files to your phone via bluetooth.

You can then access the image from within the phone as set it as your wallpaper.

Download this great Apple iPhone theme

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