Micromax M2 dual SIM music phone review

Reviews Natasha Garyali 16:58, 8 Apr 2011

We review the new Micromax M2 dual SIM, a music player phone for the music lovers on budget

Micromax, one of the largest Indian domestic mobile handsets company has been climbing up the popularity charts quite rapidly since its entry in the Indian mobile handset market in March 2008.

Rolling out a plethora of new handsets targeting customer specific needs has aided in Micromax's growth and inclusion in top five mobile brands in India.

Micromax mobile phones fall under one of the 10 main categories of long life battery phones, qwerty keypad phones, smartphones, 3G mobile phones, multimedia phones, gravity phones, dual reception phones, universal remote control mobile phones, gaming phones and utility phones.

The popularity of the Micromax phones not only emerge from their vision and innovation but also because of their understanding of the needs of the local market. To top it all the mobile phones are packaged in modest price range making them so much more irresistible.

Micromax's recent M2 launch is one of the new arrivals at the Know Your Mobile office. We take a close look at this multimedia phone which is touted by Micromax as a 'great music player which is also a phone'.

Before we begin let's take a look at some of the main features of M2.

M2 is a lightweight device and comes in dimension of 44.8X113X10.8mm and bears close resemblance to a music player. It sports a TFT, 240X320 pixel with touch wheel 5.1 cm display. The phone packs in a 2-megapixels camera, audio player, video recorder and video player. It also comes equipped with a buit in Yamaha audio amplifier and SRS WOW HD for music.

The M2 package consists of user manual, warranty card, dome headsets, battery, standard charger, handsfree kit, data cable, service guide, transceiver and a user guide.

M2 has a rectangular bar shape and is available in two colors - grey and bright orange. It also comes in quite attractive packaging, inked all over with with different genres of music in bold black letters. What really got us excited were the dome headsets that accompany the phone. While several companies launch music phones seldom do they throw in a accessory that actually lets you enjoy the feature to the fullest. The cool black headsets amplifies the music, making your heart pound with every beat and let you enjoy the music even more.

The handest is quite sturdy and sleek and comes with a touch wheel and dedicated music keys. You will also find a plastic battery cover for your M2 that fits snugly to the phone. Smartly the cover has two cut outs at the back so the speakers and camera can be used even while the cover is on. M2's matte-gray finish blends in well with the black finish on the keys and the battery cover.

Like most of the other Micromax phones, M2 is a Dual SIM phone, so basically you can use the two SIM slots and freely switch between business and personal phones. Talking about the SIM slots on M2, unlike other phones, the SIM slots are not on the back of the phone but on the top. There are these two little flaps that open up on the side and you are required to pull out the SIM slots.

However taking the SIM slots out is a little tedious and requires you to have long nails. The slots appear quite flimsy and you have to be careful as a little push, jolt and the piece can break off. Nevertheless you are saved from the hassle of removing the cover, batteries to insert the SIM. You need to follow the instructions at the back of the phone and be careful not to use force.

In between the two SIM slots, you have the 3.5 mm headset jack slot.

M2 stands true to its ground as a great music player. The device delivers great audio quality while bundled up with its dome headsets and as a stand alone. It comes with a 2GB internal memory which allows you to not only add to the selection but its dynamic library makes for a easy browsing across the collection.

Built in Yamaha audio Amplifier and SRS WOW, M2 comes preloaded with 50 songs, so you can get a glimpse of its great audio quality. For those of you who don't know what SRS WOW HD means, it is basically a sound effect control software that allows you to add a variety of effects like Bass, Blue, Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz, Voice, Rock to your songs.

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