Update: Battle Micromax: Canvas 4 vs Canvas Doodle 2

Vs V.A Kulkarni 04:38, 27 Aug 2013

With its larger, more powerful sibling doing the rounds, will the Canvas 4 still appeal to smartphone enthusiasts? KYMI finds out

All the excitement surrounding the launch of the Canvas 4 has barely died down and the tech world is already abuzz with everything that Micromax's bigger, better handset offers. The Canvas Doodle 2 is believed to take on the likes of Samsung's Galaxy phablets with its new-age specs. In the face of such competition, where does the Canvas 4 stand? We compare the siblings.

  • Form

Canvas 4: 144.5 x 73 x 8.9mm, 158g

Canvas Doodle 2: 161 x 82.5 x 8.9mm, 220g

Micromax has a good looking device in the Canvas 4 and the tech major has hardly fiddled around with its popular form factor on its next handset. The Canvas 4, with its metallic accents and sleek frame, looks like a premium smartphone despite its plastic casing and reasonable price tag. With its curved edges, it is convenient to hold and use. Its large size however, doesn't make it pocket able.

The Canvas Doodle 2 carries the same form factor, but with an enlarged size and added weight. It does impress us with its aluminum casing however.

With both smartphones packing in the same look and feel, the form round ends in a draw.

Winner: Draw

  • Display

The Canvas 4 packs in an IPS LCD 5-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a pixel density of 294ppi. The handset is ideal for media and entertainment on the go, with images that are clear and bright and texts that are sharp and detailed.

The Canvas Doodle 2 packs in a 5.7-inch TFT HD IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a pixel density of 257ppi. The size of its display makes watching videos and surfing the web on the move child's play. In addition, its stylus capability ensures that you can take notes, scribble and doodle anytime. 

The Canvas Doodle 2 wins this round with its versatile display but the Canvas 4 gets brownie points for its higher pixel density and sharper pictures. 

Winner: Canvas Doodle 2

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