Apple makes Shifting from Android to iOS, EEEasy

News 12:39, 18 Sep 2014

Samsung has recently took a rather bold step and took a dig at the iPhone 6 saying that it has nothing strikingly new in it

Redmi 1S back cover and screen guard go on sale on Flipkart

News 09:42, 18 Sep 2014

The official Xiaomi Redmi 1S back cover and screen guard are now available on Flipkart priced at Rs 469 and Rs 179 respectively

HTC upcoming selfie phone 'Eye' details revealed

News 20:39, 17 Sep 2014

HTC will be pulling the wraps from its selfie centric phone soon; locks horns with Sony Xperia C3

Google unveils Android One brigade in India

News 20:37, 17 Sep 2014

Google Android One phones arrive in India, Spice, Micromax and Karbonn bring in the first collection

Android One Smartphones: All that you need to know

News 16:36, 15 Sep 2014

The first generation of Android One smartphones has been launched in India and we tell you everything you need to know about them

Leaked Windows 9 Screentshots showoff minor UI tweaks

News 14:51, 13 Sep 2014

We take a look at leaked images which showcase the Microsoft 9

Updating Windows Phone 8.1 to not affect your phone bill

News 18:15, 12 Sep 2014

Microsoft has just mentioned in a blog post that it will allow for zero-rate charge for downloading updates in future

Microsoft branded front panel of an upcoming device leaks

News 15:49, 12 Sep 2014

Microsoft plans on rebranding all its upcoming devices with the Microsoft moniker and a device with the same has just been leaked

HTC 8X to get Windows Phone 8.1 next month

News 13:42, 12 Sep 2014

The yesteryear Windows Phone flagship from HTC, the 8X will get upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1 next month

Microsoft gifts @Messenger handle to Facebook

News 13:38, 12 Sep 2014

Microsoft has donated the desirable @Messenger handle to Facebook after retiring the service

Apple watch needs to be charged daily: Report

News 13:09, 12 Sep 2014

Apple watch would require a daily charge as per the latest report; fails to address the issue of battery life in smartwatches

HTC sends out invites for an October 8 press event

News 12:09, 12 Sep 2014

HTC has started sending out invites for an October 8 press event where it is expected to launch a selfie focused smartphone

Spice Logo

Spice chooses Flipkart as exclusive seller for select phones

News 10:56, 12 Sep 2014

Spice has entered into an agreement with Flipkart to sell select smartphones exclusively on the platform

Samsung Gear Blink: Everything you need to know

News 23:50, 11 Sep 2014

Samsung plans on launching the Gear Blink in 2015 which will take on the Google Glass

iPhone 6 to cost Rs 53,500 in India

News 19:59, 11 Sep 2014

The iPhone 6 will get launched in October in India for an expected price of Rs 53,500

Nvidia accidentally leaks information about Nexus 9

News 19:14, 11 Sep 2014

Nvidia has accidentally leaked that HTC will be making the Nexus 9 and its Tegra K1 processor will be powering it

Top 40 cheapest Android phone in India below Rs 6,000 so far

News 18:30, 11 Sep 2014

KYMI rounds-up the top 35 best and latest Android handsets in the Rs 6,000 segment that make for a great buy this month

Asus takes a dig at Apple

News 17:20, 11 Sep 2014

Asus took a dig at Apple by reminding customers that they can grab six Zenfones for a price of iPhone 6

Moto 360 teardown reveals small battery and outdated chips

News 17:01, 11 Sep 2014

A teardown of the Motorola Moto 360 has revealed a smaller than claimed battery and an outdated chipset on the inside

Apple tinkering iOS 8.0.1 version

News 16:59, 11 Sep 2014

Apple seems to be busy tinkering iOS 8.0.1, prior to the release of the final version of iOS 8