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Reviews 03:11, 11 May 2010

We review the new Nokia 7230 - a slider mobile phone with 3G capabilities

Nokia has announced its latest device Nokia 7230 in the Indian market. A slider phone with 3G feature, the Nokia 7230 is offered at an amazing budget price of about Rs 6,000 in India. It's hard to believe that it's true. The Finnish phone maker has introduced a truly affordable 3G handset for the India market that too with decent set of specifications.

In the Indian market, nothing matters more than the pricing of a device. We still don't have many takers for the high-end smartphones, but budget phones sales in volume in the rural India and even small towns. The market is yet not ripe for media-rich, touchscreened, top-end handsets.

Nokia understands the Indian market better than any other global mobile phone makers. This is the reason that Nokia has survived and remained a trusted brand in this part of the world. The bulk of Indian mobile phone users do not opt for cheaply designed handsets. Also, they don't want a device with complete lack of all multimedia and social networking type features.

Here comes Nokia 7230 that fulfills that wishlist of the average crowd and makes a reasonable stab at keeping such people happy.

It's a decent device that is neatly designed. You get the slider from factor to help you keep things small. It offers a closed size of 98mm x 48mm x 14.75mm and an opened size of about 127mm tall. Although, the phone has a little less solid slide mechanism, but it is definitely sprung and functions well on opening and closing.

The other thing that you'll mark once you get your hands on the device is that the screen size is relatively small. It's just 2.4-inches across diagonal corners. Also, it has a low resolution count of 240 x 320 pixels. Also, other factors which are not up to the mark are its viewing angles. It's not that great, but manageable. Before moving further, we should tell you that the screen is not touch sensitive, if you are wondering about this aspect.

The device boasts of average keypad. You may encounter while texting that the keys click quite loudly when depressed and have a very firm action. If you are a frequent texter, then you are going to enjoy this device as it offers smooth and fast texting experience.

With the keyboard hidden away usage is confined to what you can get out of a very large D-pad, two softmenu buttons and the Call and End buttons as well as a single sidekey which activates the built in camera.

The Nokia 7230 packs a decent snapper. It comes equipepd with a 3.2 megapixels camera, which offers quite amazing photos. Also, you have the option to upload a snap to the Web direct from the camera.

However, there's one glitch with the photo uploading. If you’ve shot a still at the top resolution, you have to wait a little longer while the device prepares it for over the air transmission, and finally when that’s done your only choice is to share it via Ovi.

Users have the option to share images onto other sites, such as Flickr. But for that feature, you need to reasearch a bit to find the app and then log in to the site to finally upload it. You have to follow the same exercise for using Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.

There are quite a few apps offered on this device. You can access Opera Mini for Web browsing, the Ovi Store and a few other apps like a clothing size converter, which are placed in a Collections folder. It can be found in Extras folder, which is in the Applications folder located on the main menu. It is a bit of a Russian dolls approach to organising apps. 

The features set is something to look forward to. Although, there's lack of Wi-Fi and GPS, you still have the GPRS, EDGE and 3G via WCDMA for data available on this handset. Also, the device is Bluetooth-enabled for connectivity option.

The Nokia 7230 comes with 14MB of internal memory and it offers a 2GB microSD card to boost the memory storage of the device. But the most annoying part is that the card slot is made under the battery cover. So you need to switch off the the handset first and then do the card swapping as per you requirement. 

You have plenty of music options offered with this device as well. The Nokia 7230 offers a 3.5mm headset jack into the casing so you can ditch the provided earphones in favour of your own favourites but also put this on the top edge, so that a connected headset does not snag the pocket. Makers of more expensive and fancy handsets please take note.

Still, the music playback quaiity is a little compromised on the new Nokia 7230 mobile phone. The provided headset has flat in-ear buds and the device lacks the basic foam shells to help them stay in your ear.

On the OS front, the Nokia 7230 comes powered with Symbian S40 operating system. This is the younger sibling to the much more advanced S60, and you may get annoyed with its basic functionality or simplicity at times. However, for a budget device, it performs fine enough.

There's an uncluttered home screen view to help you keep track of time, date, operator name, signal strength and battery level, (those last two are unusually large icons). Alternatively, you can opt for‘Home Screen Mode’ that offers a shortcuts bar. You can scroll horizontally through this interface with the help of the D-pad. Here you can easily locate the camera, photos, media player, Facebook app and Ovi store tools.

The Nokia 7230 packs a powerful battery. The real plus point of this device is the battery life. If you just performing basic functions, listening to music or making calls, the phone will last easily for couple of days once fully charged. However, this is not the case when you use 3G services with this device or use it extensively.

In the nutshell, we can say that the Nokia 7230 is a basic handset, but it performs well on most of the parameters. It is ideall suited for the upcoming Indian market. And above all, the price is certainly right. The device is nicely crafted, boards good keyboard and offers great battery life. Plus there is 3G. Those who are looking for a budget 3G device,  the Nokia 7230 is the right choice for sure.

Nokia 7230 info

Typical India price: Rs. 6,000

Well made keyboard
Good battery life
3.5mm top mounted headset jack

No Wi-Fi
Small screen

Verdict: A basic but well designed handset with allure for the no-frills user


More info: Nokia India 7230 website

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