Flagship Fundamentals: Nokia Lumia 1520 (Bandit) vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Vs V.A Kulkarni 02:43, 18 Oct 2013

Will Nokia be able to take on Samsung with its brand new and much improved flagship? KYMI pits the Lumia 1520 against the Galaxy S5

With everything that it is rumoured to offer on its next generation Galaxy S5 flagship, Samsung is expected to keep wearing the smartphone crown for quite a while. Though it is sure to have a winner on its hands, it certainly doesn't seem to be the only one. Nokia has an ace or two up its sleeve with the new and much improved Lumia 1520 as well. Can it, with all its innovations, dethrone the smartphone king? We find out.

  • Form

Lumia 1520: 6-inch display (rumoured)

Galaxy S5: Slimmer, lighter than Galaxy S4 (rumoured)

Word around the tech world is that Nokia its prepping its new flagship with a lightweight, thin form that will make it comfortable to hold and use despite its largeness. The Lumia 1520 is likely to come with the Finnish giant's signature bright colours and polycarbonate casing. Carrying on Nokia's design aesthetic, it is expected to sport a well defined rectangular form with just a hint of curves around the edges.

Samsung is believed to be making the Galaxy S5 slimmer and lighter than its current flagship. It is also rumoured to be giving it a carbon fiber/aluminum body. The form factor of the handset is supposedly in line with Samsung's current portfolio of devices. Samsung is supposedly going the Sony way and building its next flagship with a waterproof cover. The handset is thus being prepped to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Nokia's handset should ooze personality with its vivid colours but we are also looking forward to the very desirable aluminum casing on Samsung's flagship. Till we know more about the devices, this round ends in a draw.

Winner: Draw

  • Display

Nokia is supposedly prepping its flagship with a 6-inch AMOLED PureMotion display that packs in a 1080p HD resolution. If the device is everything it is expected to be, it will be the perfect blend of a smartphone and a tablet, ideal for gaming, watching videos, reading texts and browsing the web on the move.

The screen on the Galaxy S5 is speculated to be a slightly updated version of the one on the Galaxy S4. The handset should come with a large Full HD display that is bright, detailed and sharp.

Both Nokia and Samsung are expected to go all out with the displays on their flagships, ending this round in a draw - for now.

Winner: Draw

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