Nokia Lumia 1520 smart skirt grabs eyeballs at London Fashion Week 2014: specs, features, review and best deals in India

News Natasha Garyali 12:53, 18 Feb 2014

KYMI rounds up everything that is known and rumoured about Nokia’s next super smartphone Lumia 1520

After Google Glass, Nokia Lumia 1520 skirt is here!

Nokia is full of surprises and the company sprang yet another one at a very unusual venue. No it's not any tech conference but the London Fashion week 2014. The company in collaboration with designer, Fyodor Golan produced the world's first interactive skirt made of more than 80 Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1020 handsets. The devices which are held in a special harness use static pictures captured by the phone and change around the wearer and their day.

Nokia told Pocket-lint, the 'images on the screens change colour as the skirt moves, creating a shimmer effect simulating the realistic tactile character of actual fabric. This is achieved through a purpose-built app that utilises global positioning to ensure the shimmer happens in line with the model's movement. It is believed that this is the first time a skirt of this kind has been created.'

We don't know yet whether the skirt will be put up for sale. Will it be something you would wear? Check out the skirt in action below and decide for yourself:

Best Deals on Nokia Lumia 1520 launched in India

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