Apple and Nokia to launch Projector phones

News 23:50, 17 Mar 2011

Apple and Nokia are designing prototypes of new age mobile phones which could double up as projectors, might launch by 2010

If reports from the Internet are to be believed, then mobile phone manufacturing giants like Apple and Nokia are planning to launch mobile phones with in-built projectors. It might well be possible that some of them surface by the end of this year!
The report surfaced over at and are cited as “sources with Taiwan handset makers”. It claims that a subsidiary (Foxlink) of Apple's iPhone manufacturing partner (Foxconn) is busily working on developing its own in-house, in-phone micro projector that could project images of up to 50 to 60-inches.
Samsung already formally announced its first projector phone, the i7410, back at CES in January and this recent news suggests that Nokia will be looking to capitalise upon any development Foxlink makes in this area due to its “strong business relationships” with the Finnish giant.
According to the statement, “Foxlink has sent related samples to the client for verification, which may pave the way for small shipments in the fourth quarter of 2009” we could well see what the big mobile houses have in-store (pardon the pun) for us on the happy side of Christmas; we're not going to hold our breath though.
We've got to admit it; we're quite excited to see what Apple and Nokia will come up with to take on the Samsung i7410 pico projector.

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