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News 00:15, 18 Mar 2011

The local Indian mobile handset market has been swarmed by the new mobile phone releases in the last couple of months

Local Indian mobile market has been swarmed by the new mobile phone releases in last couple of months. We check out the latest top 10 desi mobile phones that have hit the headlines recently.

There was a time when Nokia, Motorola and few others were the only known names and players in the mobile handset market in India. Now, we have literally every possible handsets available from low-end to high-end devices - be it the feature or the price of the mobile devices. There are range of mobiles available in the market today that cater to different needs of Indian mobile users. We check out the few latest local mobile phones launched recently. The list below is placed alphabetically.

Fly Mobiles
Fly Mobiles has recently launched new devices targeting the youth segment of India. The USP of Fly mobiles are their low cost and dual-SIM capability. Fly MC160 and E106, superb in design and features, were released earlier. The Fly Circle B430 DS mobile phone has been launched recently in India. Fly Circle mobile phone comes with one-stop instant messaging and social networking features. The most recent launch by Fly Mobile has been a basic entry-level dual-SIM Fly V-180 DS mobile phone.

Gee Pee
If you are surprised to see this name, check out this link: Gee Pee introduces colour mobile phones for Rs 500. Gee Pee mobiles have been in search due to the throwaway price they have to offer for their upcoming mobile phones.

Intex mobiles need no introduction. Intex had added couple of decent new devices to its portfolio. Intex IN 6611 Ace is a dual-SIM GSM mobile phone that was launched couple of months back. Intex has launched two new entry-level mobile phones iSmart and IN 6622 for the Indian market in recent times.

Karbonn mobiles have reached the young mobile users with the launch of five new CDMA phones for the Indian market. The Karbonn mobile handsets boast of absolute latest trends in mobile telephony, at incredible prices. And, the latest Karbonn CDMA phones are offered at a budget price in the range of Rs 2,000 to Rs 6,000.

Lava mobiles, an emerging Indian mobile handset maker, has introduced entry level Dual-SIM mobile phone KKT-24. Lava KKT-24 is packed with some smart features and it is available at a cheap price of Rs 3750 in the Indian market.

Micromax is another most popular local mobile handset brands. Micromax has attracted younger audience with X360 mobile phone in partnership with MTV music. Another OMH-compliant C350 mobile phone has recently been released. However, it is the latest release Micromax EZPAD Q2, which is getting popular these days due to its smart features and affordable price tag of Rs. 3,500 in India.

Movil by Bling is a new entrant into the local mobile handset market of India. Movil brand mobiles have garnered attention to the young mobile users with its shockproof, motion sensor features. Movil MA1 comes with shockproof feature at a cost of Rs 4200. Another handset Movil MT1 boasts of unique motion sensor & accelerometer features at a price tag of Rs 5500 in India.

A known name and one of the most popular brands in India, Spice mobiles have already carved a niche in the mobile handset market place in India. The recent release of Spice M-6060 Edutainment phone is testimony to that. Spice M-6060 is offered at a budget price of Rs. 4,399 for students. Also you can check out the latest Spice M-7070 mobile phone, a 5 MP digital camera phone with 8 x digital zoom at a price range of Rs. 7999.

Videocon, an established name in the consumer electronics and home appliances segment in India, has recently forayed into mobile handset market. Videocon has its presence in the mobile handset market with 12 existing mobile devices. And, the company plans to float 15 new sizzling mobile models (from entry-level phones to high-end devices) in India soon. Videcon mobile phones are offered at a price range of Rs 1,600 to Rs 18,500 for sale through Planet M retail outlets

And Zen mobile has deserved the surprise inclusion in this top 10 list as well. With, the high volume of search for this mobile brand, Zen mobile is an upcoming local brand for sure. The latest launch by Zen mobile is the QWERTY Z77 phone which supports GSM and CDMA platforms. Zen QWERTY Z77 mobile comes at a price of Rs 3,299 in India.

Do comment if any mobile phone has been omitted in this list. Keep on visiting for more updates and new inclusions in the list.

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