Dell Venue vs Dell Venue Pro

Vs 19:50, 28 Mar 2011

We compare the two new Dell devices - Dell Venue and Dell Venue Pro - to see which one sports better specs for the users

Dell has recently announced two new smartphones in the Indian market - the Dell Venue and Dell Venue Pro. Both these devices are now available in India at a price of Rs. 28,499 and Rs. 29,990 respectively.

Although there is not much difference in the pricing part, we take a look at both these devices to see if there are significant differences in between the features of the devices or not.

Dell Venue - 121 x 64 x 12.9 mm, 164g
Dell Venue Pro - 122 x 63.5 x 15.2 mm, 192.8g

As part of the same range, and one being and enhanced model of the other, these two handsets are very similar visually, the Venue Pro’s dimensions are a little larger than the regular Venue but this is to accommodate the slide-out ‘BlackBerry style’ keyboard.

It seems very peculiar to have a slide out keyboard which comes out lengthways and is squashed into this smaller space rather than the usual side-on variation with bigger keys and more room, we’re all for trying something knew but as the saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke...’.

This does seems to be some sort of leaning towards the BlackBerry and ‘Facebook phone’ crowds.

Design wise these handsets both look fantastic in our opinion, very sleek, thin and modern, we’re all in favour of this visual style.

Winner – Draw

Both phones feature 4.1-inch Amoled capacitive touchscreens at 480x800 resolution, the displays use toughened Gorilla Glass to resist and prevent scratches and cracks.

Other features for both phones include multi-touch, accelerometer and gyro sensors. The Dell Venue also uses the Dell Stage user interface.

So, virtually identical on display then, at least Dell is consistent.

Not much to compare here, both handsets have the same setup which is rather good, the Amoled screens provide bright, vivid colours with a lower than average power consumption, multi-touch is nice to have and Gorilla Glass means the display won’t be getting all scratched up any time soon.

Winner – Draw

The regular Dell Venue has 512 MB of RAM and

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