Micromax Qube vs Lava A9

Vs Amit Shrivastava 20:05, 29 Apr 2011

We compare the Micromax Qube against Lava A9 to see which mobile phone offers better value for money to the users

The Micromax Qube is a dual SIM phone that comes with a 2-megapixels camera and a 3.2 inch TFT touchscreen display. The handset is Facebook ready and offers a 3D Cube user interface for the users. It also offers expandable memory of up to 16KB via microSD card slot.

The new Micromax X550 Qube handset comes preloaded with Social Networking Consortium Snaptu, Opera Mini Browser, Multi Instant Messenger Nimbuzz and offers internet browsing by EDGE and WAP.

Whereas, the Lava A9 features a 2.4 inch TFT display, Java embedded games, a 3.2-megapixels camera and advanced connectivity options. It's again a dual SIM device that offers FM radio with recording, WAP, GPRS, Java, games, Nimbuzz and Opera Mini browser.

Preloaded with advanced multimedia features and latest technologies, the device boasts of a superb media player and games feature.

Form Factor

Micromax Qube: 112.5 x 55.9 x 14.1 mm, 85g
Lava A9: 111 x 60 x 13 mm, 90g

The Micromax X550 Qube is a dual SIM touchscreen bar phone and it has a slightly bigger dimesions compared to the Lava A9.The device supports two GSM connections offers loads of social networking tools and 3D Cube interface for the users.

Whereas, the Lava A9 is an attractive device which comes equipped with advanced multimedia features. It comes with the tagline of 'The Power To Attract' and it is designed for socially-active and style conscious consumers in India. The device sports a distinctly youthful design and mid range functionality.

Both these devices look amazing in appearance. However, the Micromax Qube has a slight edge due to its 3D cube interface.

Winner: Micromax Qube


On the display front, the Micromax Qube offers  262K TFT (240 x 400) 3.2 inch full touchscreen. The display is amazing with the big screen size and the icing on the cake is its 3D cube interface, which is relatively new for the low end devices.

The Lava A9 packs  2.4 inch TFT (Thin Film Transistor) screen with 262K colour & 240 x 320 pixels resolution. The device sharp and fine picture quality but it is smaller in the screen dimension compared to the Micromax Qube. Also, it doesn't offer the 3D cube interface.

Winner: Micromax Qube


If you are looking for a device with great camera, then Micromax Qube is going to disappoint to a little. The device packs a basic 2-megapixels camera. The image quality is also not that good. The device offers a video player as well.

But the Lava A9 boasts of a superior digital camera at 3.2-megapixels count. You can enjoy good picture quality on the Lava A9 camera but there are not much advanced options associated with this camera.

So, it's not much hard to find that the Lava A9 is better equipped with camera option and wins on this department for sure.

Winner: Lava A9

Connectivity & Social Networking

When it comes to connectivity features, the Micromax Qube comes equipped with Bluetooth A2DP, Java, EGPRS, WAP, MMS, Email and 3.5mm jack. For social networking needs, it is enabled with Nimbuzz, Snaptu and Opera Mini browser.

Whereas, the Lava A9 offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity, Edge and Java. The device supports Nimbuzz, Email and Opera Mini browser. Although, both the devices are somewhat equally optimized for the connectivity and social networking tools, but Micromax Qube is a step ahead on this department

Winner: Micromax Qube


The last parameter to judge the utility of both these devices is the pricing part. Here, Micromax Qube is reasonably price at Rs. 5,500 in India. However, you can always bargain this device at a much lower cost in the market.

On the other hand, the Lava A9 was announced at a price of Rs. 5,999. It can also be purchased online at somewhat reduced price now. But the Micromax Qube may be a little cheaper compared to the A9.

Winner: Micromax Qube


Both the devices are fantastic and offer good set of features to the users. You get dual SIM functionality, good social networking tools and reasonable price tag attached to both the devices. Still, if you are looking for a device with full touchscreen, 3D cube interface experience and better networking options, the Micromax Qube is the right choice. Having said that, you can't undermine the Lava A9 as it packs a far superior camera compared to the Micromax Qube.

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