Leaked document reveals four Symbian Belle running handsets

News Chethan Rao 23:02, 28 Jun 2011

Leaked documents reveals 4 Nokia smartphones running on Symbian Belle which will be powered by 1 GHz processors

A website has accessed two pictures of a document which reveal important information about Nokia’s future devices. Well, Symbian Anna will be gradually rolled out to Symbian^3 cellphones which will later be succeeded by Symbian Belle.

According to the Flashfly document, there are going to be 4 smartphones from Nokia launching with Symbian Belle with a 1 GHz processors. Cool right?

Well, frankly Nokia has been a bit slow in implementing 1 GHz CPUs into its smartphones. The document reveals the Nokia Helen, Zeta, Cindy and Fate. These handsets mentioned will have the privilege of being the first set of Symbian handsets with a 1 GHz CPU, making it one of the snappiest Symbians around.

It seems like the Helen will be the flagship among others, since it is said to feature a 3.5 inch AMOLED display whereas the Zeta and Cindy are said to feature 3.2 inch displays. No info is available about the Fate, but from the document we get an impression that it could be a budget ranged device.

Nokia Blog points at few typographic errors in the document, which makes you doubt the authenticity of the document. So we advise you to take all of this with a pinch of salt. Well, we like the direction at which Nokia’s going, but these handsets will not see the light of the day till some months at least.

The current lot of Symbian devices like the Nokia X7 and the E6 are not as snappy as these handsets, in fact the X7 borrows a lot of its hardware from the likes of the Nokia N8, C7, and the slider E7.

We would love to see how Symbian Belle would fair among the lot. Very rarely do we see rumors about a new Symbian OS surfacing before one is even launched. Either way, this leaked document has surely gotten us excited. Are you?

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