Gingerbread vs Honeycomb - Not a culinary debate

News Rishabh Jain 23:15, 18 Jul 2011

Know Your Mobile explores the popular Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb OS which comes with their share of bitter sweet taste

Google, with its Android Operating Systems (OS) has succeeded in breaking the hegemony of firms like Apple and Microsoft and in fact, outdone them. The Droid as it is colloquially called, has come out with more apps than itunes, more clarity than Microsoft and efficient softwares that are the best in the market.

Google first took out the Android update- the Android 2.1 OS called the Eclair then the Android 2.2 OS called the Froyo. Google took it further with the Android 2.3 OS called Gingerbread and finally unveiled the Android 3.2 called the Honeycomb. In adherence to trend for cheesy names, the next one would be called the Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Gingerbread OS in India is used in tablets such as the MSI Windpad. The Honeycomb, being the advanced system, is used in the latest tablets such as the Motorola Xoom.

Both the Gingerbread and Honeycomb tablets have their own advantages and shortcomings. First, let us take a look at Gingerbread OS. An update to the Froyo OS, the Gingerbread came with a better DSP Manager/Equalizer.

It was equipped with features like expanded cloud messaging and enhanced voice recognition, it also came for an SDK manager, speech recorder and an SIP VOIP for those who conducted their business via their phone. But the Gingerbread OS came short on the user friendliness count, it made people long to go back to the old Froyo OS. It also had an issue with its Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Honeycomb OS, on the other hand, is considered a specialized OS for tablets. It has enhanced features such as multitasking and switching features. It also provides 3D transition and Google features such as Google Maps 5.0, Adobe Flash Player 10.2 and the much anticipated Google Cloud.

The Honeycomb is made-to-order to work with the Google TV. It also provides a reader app similar to ibooks provided by Apple. The Honeycomb OS seems a good deal, but it comes loaded with some of its own shortcomings. There is a constant rumble on the net about the lack of Honeycomb apps and Voice Apps.

Already having conquered the market with the Android OS systems. Google keeps on reinventing its Operating Systems. Whether the Gingerbread OS or the Honeycomb is better suited for you, depends entirely on your requirements.

If you want no-frills computing, you should go in for the Gingerbread OS enabled tablets, but if you are an avid gamer or a tech geek, the Honeycomb would be a better option, as it has been created keeping an onboard graphics in mind and creates a great visual experience.

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