Selecting the best phone: A comphrehensive buying guide

News Gagan Kumar 21:00, 2 Aug 2011

Know Your Mobile takes a closer look at style, feature and performance, the three crucial areas for a phone selection

There are a large number of mobile phones available in the market today. Previously, the consumers didn’t have these many options. We all used to carry very simple phones, but now since the smartphones have stepped in to the market the consumer preference have changed drastically. Today, we need a lot more stuff in our handsets. Phone is not limited to attend calls or sending messages, but it is used to operate our daily activities like chatting, mailing, gaming, managing our daily schedule, music, web browsing and a lot more stuff.

However, in spite of this, which phones one should buy that, totally depends on users personal choice. There is no point to buy a very complex phone when you aren’t going to use its all features. So first check out that which phone is right for you a feature phone, smartphone or the superphone. There could be varied factors to choose a phone, but usually what a user look in a phone are divided in three factors, style, features and the performance.

Style: Different styles of mobiles are available in the market like the bar phones, flip phones, sliding phones, touch phones and touch and type phones. So, which phone is right for you that depends on you that which phone you can carry comfortably whole day. Bar phones are the simplest and the most handy handsets. Flip phones and sliding phones can break easily and at times the chip that connects the display and the keyboard of the flip phone also gets break if you do not use it gently.
In bar phones the biggest problem that most of the user face is the accidental dialing. If you forget to lock the keypad then through speed dialing it makes accidental phone calls. So if you frequently take out your phone from your pocket then better you go for the flip phone, because it prevents accidental callings. After this if you want to go for the touch phone then there is plenty of models available in the market. But before making the payment always check whether you are comfortable with its features or not, as touch phones and sliding phones generally have complex features. 

Features: Phones are not limited to make calls only. Phones do a lot more stuff like checking mails, playing games, listening music, video calling, and browsing web etc. So, if you want to buy a phone to operate all these features then go for the smartphone otherwise a feature phone is good enough to use. If you need a high mega pixel camera in your handset, and if you need that your mobile support maximum video and audio files, and if you want that it has a good sound quality as well then check out that which is the best handset available in the market. Look for an economical phone and be stick to what do you need in your phone. Don’t go with what the salesman says you. If you want a simple phone then look for simple phone and if you like feature packed phone then look for that which you can easily operate. Check out what all application does it support. If you are getting a pre installed applications for social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook then it’s well and good.

Performance: It is very important part to check the performance of the phone, which you are going to buy. What is voice quality, how is the network connectivity, how fast does applications work on that device. What is the picture quality and what is the sound quality of the music player. How much time does it take to start, all these questions are essential to check while choosing the right phone. You can ask the dealer to show you its features.  The performance of the phone here related to the hardware of the phone. Which processor is used in it, what is the RAM size and a lot similar things. So, you need to check all to buy a perfect handset for you. 


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