Nokia to launch Sea Ray on its event on August 17?

News Achin Chandra 21:06, 3 Aug 2011

Nokia seems to be gearing up for the launch of it rumoured handset, Sea Ray on its upcoming event this month

The Finnish mobile phone manufacturing giant, Nokia is trying hard to get its number one position back in the mobile phone sector. For this it is appearing more serious then ever and now to beat the competition in the smartphone market. Nokia is working on several advanced devices that are speculating to be game changer for the brand.

The renowned handset manufacturer may soon introduce its first Windows Phone 7 running smartphone, as per a report from Mobile Indian.

As per the website, it has got an invitation from Nokia and Microsoft, for the event set for August 17 at Germany. The forum also says the Finnish handset company is likely to announce something in this regard.

Rumours are speculating that a smartphone, dubbed as 'Sea Ray', which was unveiled by the Nokia chief executive officer Stephen Elop to his employees is the same handset, set to be released on the event.

At the present times, Nokia mobile phones are not doing actually well in the market. It has pushed back by Android and iPhone, which are doing great in the smartphone segment with their wide range of devices.

Although, it has not been mentioned in the invitation that when is the Nokia's Windows Phone 7 handset is going to be launched. The upcoming event, is mentioned as Nokia and Microsoft party, which will also have a raffle. One of the prizes decided is Nokia Windows Phone, once it gets released.

But, now we are hearing that it is not going to be a launch event. It will be engaging (games) developers to the Windows Phone platform as well as to Microsoft and Nokia.

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