iPhone 5 to double up as a mini projector?

News Natasha Garyali 17:53, 17 Aug 2011

Apple's latest rumors project iPhone 5 to arrive with a inbuilt projector

Apple iPhone 5 may well be arriving with a in-built projector. Patently Apple has disclosed Apple's detailed patent guide which reveals its proposal to integrate Pico projector lens in its iOS devices. According to the blog, "the projected displays may be disposed adjacent to each other to form a unified display."

However, in other embodiments, the projected displays may be produced farther apart and/or on separate walls of a location. Further, in certain embodiments, the projected displays may be positioned above and below one another." The detailed patent even introduces advanced gesturing. This will help in interpreting the "shadow and silhouette gesturing associated with presentations in a darkened environment."

The details are extensive and give an insight into what the cupertino team is busy working on. Apple's interest in the "projector phone" is not a new one. The company had hinted towards this possible marriage way back in 2009.

Interestingly Apple has registered the domain Applepico.com. According to Mac Rumors, Apple could well also be reserving the line for a future "iPod pico" device. PC Mag states that "Apple argued that a smartphone, tablet, or PC screen might be too small to share with others during a presentation" hence this could solve that problem by allowing the iOS users to connect it with their devices.

The iPhone 5 launch continues to be surrounded by a thick veil of secrecy. MacRumors pegs the launch date of the device on September 7, but we have seen others project the launch date between September 1 to September 11.

In Indian we have seen a growing popularity of projector phones. Recently Micromax launched its X40 projector phone. X40 joins in Spice Popkorn, Intex V.Show, Galaxy Beam, Intex V.Mini, TechBerry ST 200 and G5 phone among the popular projector phones in the market.

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