Vodafone offers 100 MB of free 3G data in select cities

News Rishabh Jain 18:10, 17 Aug 2011

Vodafone gives 100 MB of free 3G Data to users in selected cities

Vodafone posted an ad today in a popular local daily, TOI offering 100 MB of free 3G data in exchange for a coupon.

According to the ad, Vodafone customers in four cities - Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy would get 100 MB of free 3G data on producing the coupon.

The offer enlists that the 100 MB data would be applicable to the prepaid customers only. It would be valid for 30 days and after the free data is exhausted, users will be charged at the rate of 10 paise per 10 KB. 

For the postpaid consumers, the offer is same but they would be charged 2 paise every 10 KB post free usage. Furthermore, this offer does not stand for those who have already subscribed for 3G packs. The coupons are only valid for the next seven days.

This offer has been provided only on a small scale. It seems Vodafone wants to drive good publicity at a low cost. The offer needs to be studied in detail beore taking it up.

Firstly, one needs to be very careful with the usage. It will not take much time to use up 100 MB of free downloads. Afterwards, you would be charged at 10 paise/KB, which translates to 10 Rs. per MB, which actually means it will cost you Rs 40 to download a song that usually measures around 4 MB.

Secondly, one needs to keep the timeline in mind. You need to use the coupon at the right time and download at least 100 MB to actually make the best of the offer.

Vodafone competes with operators such as Idea, Airtel and Aircel in the 3G data market. The company has tried to match up with them by taking out small offers.

In July this year, Vodafone slashed the prices of its 3G data service in Kolkata. The plan started from Rs 100 for 100 MB and stretched onto Rs 1250 for 5 GB.  

India is still in the initial stages of 3G which makes it an exciting market for both 3G enabled devices and operators.

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