Leaked: Samsung Galaxy S III packs in 1.8GHz Exynos, 2GB RAM, 4.6" super AMOLED Plus HD display

News Natasha Garyali 17:03, 11 Oct 2011

Samsung's third generation device, Galaxy SIII specifications leak online, confirming 1.8GHz Exynos, 2GB RAM, 4.6" super AMOLED Plus HD display screen

Samsung tasted phenomenal success with its Galaxy S series. The lucky charm for Samsung nevertheless was the Galaxy SII which took Samsung form being another manufacturer to a powerful manufacturer.

The Korean manufacturing giant is not sitting pretty basking in the success of its Galaxy S2 glory, rather it is gearing up for the launch of a even more powerful successor, Galaxy SIII for 2012. If rumors are to be believed, this third generation device in the Galaxy S series will put Galaxy S II to shame.

Folks over at the android enthusiast site Phandroid got their hands on the Galaxy SIII specs. The specs apparently came from a private internal presentation "Samsung Mobile Solutions" that Samsung gave to retail partners this month.

So what will the powerful SIII encompass?

The leaked slide clearly underlines the top specs of the Galaxy SIII. The Android run device, we are hoping for the Ice Cream Sandwich ( better still Jelly Bean) will come equipped with a 12-megapixel rear facing camera. The device will also sport a backside illuminated CMOS sensor to enhance the image quality specially in low light conditions.

A 4.6" super amoled plus HD screen is also on the cards as is the insane 2 GB RAM memory. Galaxy SIII will continue on with the dual-core and the Exynos which has been powering the Galaxy S IIs. However the good news is the bumped by Exynos  specs to the new Exynos 4212.  The phone will also feature NFC and LTE.

What is interesting to see is a deviation specially in terms of built from its predecessor. Perhaps the ongoing lawsuits and patent infringements with Apple has made Samsung revise its designs.

The Galaxy SII hit over 3 million units within 55 days of its launch, surpassing its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S and if the speculated specs reports on Galaxy SIII are true, we shall see even a bigger sales figure.

While there is no confirmation on whether the slide is accurate or a photoshop wonder, we will remain tuned in to all the Galaxy SIII rumors and leaks and what it will constitute to supersede its predecessor Galaxy SII.

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