Samsung prepares in house quad-core chip for Galaxy S III?

News Natasha Garyali 16:51, 22 Nov 2011

The Korean giant is quietly working on a quad-core processor. Dubbed Exynos 4412, the ARM system-on-a-chip is speculated to be heading to Samsung's next flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S 3 next year

Nvidia Tegra 3 has been enjoying lot of press and accolades lately - specially with the entry of the Asus Transformer Prime, the first Tegra 3 quad-core tablet.

However we hear somebody is quietly cooking up a even powerful broth. The Korean giant, Samsung is apparently working on its  Quad-core processor. Dubbed Exynos 4412, the chip is the latest in the line of the popular Exynos line.

Earlier in September this year, the company announced the launch of its dual-core Samsung Exynos 4212. Successor to the  4210 chip, the Exynos 4212 packed in a powerful 1.5 Ghz processor and included new graphics core that facilitated 50 percent faster delivery of 3D graphics. The chip was also processed using a 32-nanometer process which results in a 30 percent gain in power efficiency. With everyone looking at Exynos 4212 as the key for Samsung's success, the company has surely surprised everyone with the Exynos 4412.

According to Phandroid, " the Exynos 4412 has been spotted among the entries at the Git page. The chip has entered the testing phase with support added to Samsung’s development boards. At first glance the chip is similar to the Exynos 4212, a dual-core CPU capable of clock speeds up to 1.5GHz, the 4412 would be based around the same ARM Cortex A9 architecture, matching the speed of the 4212."It is believed that the quad-core 4412 will act like a bridge until the work finishes on the Samsung’s ARM Cortex A15 platform.

Samsung is expected to unleash this powerful beast in none other than its next flagship Galaxy S series, Galaxy S3.

2011 was the dual core year, and with HTC (rumored) and Samsung to be coming out with quad core devices, 2012 shall see the year of the quad core powered Android devices.

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