Fuzhou Rockship displays the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet

News Chethan Rao 00:30, 29 Nov 2011

China’s Fuzhou Rockship arrives with the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet

Ever since Google released the source code for Android 4.0, developers and manufacturers have been very busy behind the scenes working on the OS. While major companies like HTC, Samsung, ASUS are touted to roll out Ice Cream Sandwich running devices in the coming year, there are some very little known manufacturers who have something up their sleeve.

New to this list is China’s Fuzhou Rockship. The company has now come up with a decent tablet dubbed the Android 4.0 PAD. Though the name seems a bit on the simpler side, the device is one of the first Android 4.0 tablets in the market. Sadly, there is nothing spectacular about the device besides the operating system.

It seems that the Android 4.0 PAD is an experimental device more than anything. We say that because the hardware specs of the tablet are pretty simple with a single core processor and a relatively decent display.

The company has not given out any further details about the specs of the device, but it has been clearly mentioned that tablets running on the RK2918 chipsets (Android 4.0 PAD) will receive the Android 4.0 update. It is good to see manufacturers coming forward with ICS devices already, while most parts of the world still awaits the launch of the first ICS device, the Galaxy Nexus.

The company didn’t mention as to when the new tablet will be up for grabs. Speaking of the tablet itself, we were surprised by the fluidity of the device displayed in the video. But it isn’t one of the snappiest tablets out there either.

It seems like one of those Chinese Android tablets which cost very little, but offer very little too. Regardless, this is just a prototype and we would expect Fuzhou Rockship to improve the user experience once the final version of the tablet is outed.

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