Acer and Lenovo to launch Windows 8 tablet with Intel Clove processor

News Ishleen Kaur 17:55, 3 Jan 2012

Acer and Lenovo's Windows 8 tablets with Intel Clove trail processor to arrive in Q3, 2012

Windows 8 tablet will be the flavor this year, with Acer and Lenovo gearing up to showcase their Windows 8 tablets at the upcoming CES 2012.

Acer and Lenovo both are known names in the tablet market but have not been able to find strong foothold among tablet consumers. Both the companies are now pinning hopes to their Window 8 tablets which will be showcased in Las Vegas at the CES 2012 this month.

The tablets are expected to be power packed by Intel Clove Trail.

DigiTimes reports:

"Intel is set to unveil its Medfield processor, designed specifically for Android-based smartphones and tablet PCs, in the first half of 2012. But as Medfield is eclipsed by ARM-based processors in terms of performance and power saving, PC players are putting more hope on Intel's Clover Trail platform."

Windows 8 comes as a ray of hope for many players in the market. Since Windows 8 will provide users with uniform experience across platforms; mobile, pc and tablet, it might just be able to strike the right cord with the consumers seeking a "refreshing platform".

Windows 8 will be the third operating software in the tablet battle after iOS and Android.

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