CES 2012: Fujitsu shows off its waterproof Android tablet ‘Arrows’

News Anjum Dhir 08:25, 10 Jan 2012

Fujitsu has unveiled a waterproof Android tablet named Arrows at the CES 2012

The tablet market is in for an overhaul with Fujitsu’s new waterproof tablet. The Honeycomb device Arrows was released in Las Vegas at the CES 2012.

Fujitsu’s new tablet is a powerful device, running on a dual-core 1GHz TI OMAP 4430 processor. It offers 16GB of inbuilt storage that is easily expandable with a MicroSD card and supports 1GB of RAM.

Arrows sports a 10.1-inches WXGA touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels. There are two cameras built into the machine, a rear-facing 5MP one and a front facing 1.3MP one. Taking pictures, shooting videos and holding video calls is a breeze with the tablet, especially since it is waterproof.

In fact, the tablet can be used anywhere, anytime since it offers support for LTE, besides other basic connectivity options. What’s more, users can even make Arrows work through remote hand gestures.

As of now, Fujitsu’s new offering runs on Android’s Honeycomb operating system, but like most devices in 2012, it will probably get upgraded to ICS to help it compete better against players like Lenovo and Samsung.

Experts have tested Arrows in buckets and bowls of water and despite being submerged, the tablet has been functioning property. Even its camera has been clicking pictures flawlessly.

The Fujitsu Arrows may well be the perfect device for those who like to take their tablets along on vacations and those who love taking pictures underwater. Though the price of the tablet hasn’t been revealed, hopefully it will hit stores in the near future.


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