Kindle Fire cheap and best, claims new Amazon ad

News Anjum Dhir 14:10, 10 Feb 2012

A new Amazon advertisement focuses on the Kindle Fire’s USP — its price

Amazon has recently uploaded a new advertisement to its YouTube channel in a bid to market the Kindle Fire. The ad pits the tablet directly against the iPad and claims that the Fire has everything a tablet needs, but at half the price of Apple’s offering.

The ad begins with a man trying to find a spot in the garden of a resort where he can view his iPad away from the glare of the sun. He comes across a lady sitting on a lounger, comfortably reading from a Kindle e-book reader. He asks about the device and is impressed by what he sees.

When he wonders about watching movies and videos on the device, the lady tells points to her children sitting nearby with a tablet and tells him that she’s got the Kindle Fire for that. The man is skeptical about the expense of buying different devices but the lady puts all his doubts to rest. In the punch line of the ad she explains that in the price of a single iPad, she was able to buy 2 Kindle Fire tables and a Kindle e-book reader.

The ad that Phandroid came across is simple yet effective. It sells the Kindle series of devices as the new must-haves for entertainment. It points out that Kindle devices offer everything one would desire in an iPad, that too at a price which is far less than that of the latter. What’s more, at such reasonable rates, it is affordable for each family member to have their own devices and use it the way they want. The Kindle ad shows off another unique feature of the e-book reader: with its anti-glare screen, the tablet beats the iPad hollow!


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