Tango powered Lumia 730 to be next Nokia entry-level smartphone?

News Anjum Dhir 13:36, 14 Feb 2012

Rumours suggest that Nokia has kept its latest Windows Phone handset simple and affordable

The word around the tech world is that Nokia will unveil its latest offering, the Windows Phone Tango powered Lumia 730, at the MWC later this month. The smartphone is expected to replace the Lumia 710 as Nokia’s entry-level handset.

According to rumours surrounding the Lumia 730’s release, the phone will be powered by Microsoft’s new Windows Phone Tango update. Tango is expected to run Windows Phone seamlessly on cheaper handsets that offer lower screen resolutions. In fact, Tango supposedly requires only 256MB of RAM to power smartphones. With Tango, Nokia will be able to capture a large chunk of the lower-end smartphone market and from the looks of it, Lumia 730 will lead the way.

According to Phonearena, Nokia has also done away with the polycarbonate chassis and the ClearBlack display of the Lumia 710 on the Lumia 730. This has gone a long way in bringing down the cost of the device and consequently making it affordable to a larger number of people.

Despite its low-end image however, the Lumia 730 smartphone is also rumoured to sport an 8MP camera and offer LTE/CDMA connectivity. The navigation buttons below the screen of the new phone are believed to have been made capacitive too.

Nokia has seen some success at the hands of its Lumia line of Windows Phone powered handsets. If the new and improved Lumia 730 is indeed able to offer sophisticated features at reasonable rates, the company will be able to consolidate its position as a formidable player in the smartphone market. Nokia’s fate might just be about to change in the next few weeks with the start of the MWC in Barcelona. 


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