Microsoft to launch ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ ad campaign this week

News Anjum Dhir 08:11, 22 Feb 2012

Microsoft’s new ‘Smoked by WP’ campaign will show off the platform’s speed

Inspired by the success of the ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ competition at the CES 2012, Microsoft is readying an ad campaign on the same lines for launch in the coming days. Pitted against its competitors, a Windows Phone handset will showcase its power and speed in the ads.

WMPoweruser came across a report of Microsoft’s plans in the Seattle Times. The tech major has designed an online ad campaign that will run from this week onwards, all through March till April. 12 ads are scheduled to run on a number of tech sites and on Microsoft’s Windows Phone Facebook page.

During the course of the campaign, Android and Apple devices will be ‘smoked’ by a WP device. In competitions of speed, especially speeds of downloading, uploading, surfing and networking, WP handsets will kill the competition.

Microsoft ran a competition on the same lines at the CES 2012 in which it gave away prize money to anyone whose handset could compete against the HTC Titan and win a race to click a snap and upload it to a social networking site. Needless to say, in most cases the WP powered device had won. Microsoft will showcase footage from the competition on the Windows Phone Facebook page as well.

Tech enthusiasts are looking forward to Microsoft’s new ad campaign which promises to be very different from other, non-confrontational campaigns the company has run in the past.

If its earlier ‘Smoked’ competition is anything to go by, Microsoft has a winner on its hands with Windows Phone devices like the HTC Titan. A good ad campaign is just what it needs to get the world to sit up and take notice. What better way to do that than to ‘smoke’ out the competition?


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