Video: iOS 5.0.1 bug allows hackers to bypass passcode, access iPhone contacts

News Anjum Dhir 07:59, 23 Feb 2012

Due to a bug in the latest iOS build, hackers can dodge passcodes and retrieve a users iPhone contacts

Apple’s latest iOS build, the iOS 5.0.1, is not without flaws. Hackers have found a bug in the system that compromises a phone’s security by granting access to the device despite its passcode protection. 

The guys over at iPhoneIslam have succeeded in gaining access to a device thanks to Apple’s latest bug and have uploaded a video with their findings. BGR came across this video on YouTube.

In order to gain access to someone’s iPhone, a hacker needs the individual’s phone number and a spare SIM. A series of missed calls and several attempts at inserting and removing a spare SIM from the device allow the hacker entry into the phone after bypassing the passcode.

Once the hacker gets into the iPhone, he can make calls, access call history, contacts and favourites and even use FaceTime. Because of the iOS bug, users of the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S can be targeted. 

Though in theory it sounds quite simple, the entire hacking process is cumbersome and time consuming. According to iPhoneIslam, the process is simpler in areas with no network coverage. 

From the video uploaded on YouTube, this security flaw looks like a minor issue, something that Apple might easily be able to fix with its next update.

Besides the issue of the security flaw in its operating system, Apple has been in the news for other reasons as well. All eyes are on the tech major as the world waits for an official announcement from it about the release of its next generation tablet. The iPad 3 is expected to be unveiled in the coming month and to raise the bar for tablet enthusiasts like never before. 


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