Samsung files patent for flexible display; production to start in late 2012

News Natasha Garyali 17:53, 6 Mar 2012

Samsung has filed patent for flexible display. The Korean company plans to arrive with devices equipped with flexible display by next year

Samsung has filed a patent for flexible display, giving insight into what to expect from future Samsung devices.

The patent illustrates that these flexible displays can be manipulated in various forms. They can appear bendable, crooked, folded and rolled among others.

According to patentbolt, 'additionally, flexible displays will be light, unbreakable and robust. The flexible display unit may include a substrate made of materials such as flexible plastics, metal foil, thin glass or the like. Other attributes may include any of the following: an electroluminescent display (ELD), electrophoretic display (EPD – used in electronic paper), electrochromic display (ECD), liquid crystal display (LCD), active matrix LCD (AMLCD), active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) or the like), a driver unit (for example, a-Si thin film transistor (TFT), low temperature poly silicon (LTPS) TFT, organic TFT (OTFT), oxide TFT, nano TFT or the like) which drives the displaying part, and a protection film which protects the displaying part.

So when can we start seeing this cool technology in action. By 2013, according to Samsung.

The Korean company earlier revealed its plans of mass producing the first set of flexible screens in late 2012, with the second set in tow for  early 2013.

The concept is pretty exciting. After all how many of us would not want to roll up our tablets or fold them up as magazines.

We are not sure if Samsung will be able to get the device ready CES or MWC 2013, but if it does manage to achieve the feat - it will definitely push all the others to the back-burner.

Check out Samsung's flexible Amoled display demo from MWC 2012

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