1GB of RAM for Apple iPad 3?

News Natasha Garyali 18:16, 7 Mar 2012

The Apple iPad HD may house a 1GB of RAM

Apple's next generation iPad, iPad HD will have 1GB of RAM.

According to ChronicWire, the screenshot posted by BGR sometime early last month indicates the possibility of a higher RAM than its predecessor.

At the end of the screenshot, a vm_page_bootstrap number has been mentioned which indicates: '244276 free pages and 8396 wired pages'.
Upon calculation the number roundes up to a 1GB of RAM.

This is definitely a exciting news for the Apple lovers who have had a 'higher RAM' on their wishlist for sometime. Earlier reports had also indicated that Apple will bring more than 512MB of RAM which iPad 2 currently holds with its next device.

The Apple iPad HD is also expected to sport a 2048x1536 retina display and ship with a dual-core A5X processor instead of the quad-core A6 processor.

A upgraded camera, Siri and LTE integration are also on the cards for Apple iPad HD aka iPad 3.

Well we will soon find out all the details in 10 Hours and 35 Minutes (at the time of this story) when Apple lifts the veil from its revolutionary third generation device.

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