Apple iPad Retina display - Everything you need to know

News Radnyee Chunodkar 08:17, 8 Mar 2012

Apple's third generation iPad boasts of some amazing screen technology. Know Your Mobile brings you all you need to know about its stunning Retina display

Apple officially announced its ‘new iPad’ with a Retina display bringing both clarity and sharpness to the forefront.

The whopping resolution of 2048x1536 pixels means it has about 3.1 million pixels in total. This total according to Apple is 'the most ever in a mobile device'. 

It also has a stupendous clarity owing to its generous pixel density of 264ppi (pixel-per-inch) which again as per Apple is ‘enough to call it a retina display'.

The device sports a amazing colour quality owing to a 44 percent greater saturation resulting in brighter colours. reports that you couldn’t distinguish the pixels for iPhone 4, if it was held at a distance of 10-inches, but for the new iPad, this distance is expected to be 15-inches.

Phil Schiller, Senior VP of worldwide marketing Apple introduced the splendid Retina display and its mind-blowing details during the event.

He said: ‘Until you see it you can't understand how amazing it is’.

He further added: ‘To this day no-one has yet matched that display technology’.

Apart from the gorgeous display, the iPad boasts of an ARM A5X processor with quad core graphics and a powerful 5-megapixel iSight camera with video recording capability at 1080p.

It will also offer the 4G LTE bundle for countries that support it and will roam the rest of the world on 3G. 

Memory setup sits at 16/32/64GB with 10 hours of battery life and it most certainly has a 'physical home button' (which was rumoured to be left out).

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