Latest rumors: 7.85-inch Apple iPad Mini to sport slimmer bezel and IPS/FFS panels

News Natasha Garyali 22:42, 12 Mar 2012

According to rumors, the sub-$300 (Rs 15,000) priced Apple iPad Mini tablet is likely to sport a slimmer bezel and IPS/FFS panels

Apple will sport a slimmer bezel for its 7.85-inch iPad Mini, to provide ample viewing space to the consumers.

Rumored to be priced between US$249-299 (Rs 12,000 - Rs 15,000), the tablet is aimed at the  sub-US$300 market segment. 

Digitimes upstream supply chain sources have indicated: '7.85-inch iPad reportedly is designed to take on comparable models from Amazon and Samsung Electronics in order to maintain Apple's leadership position'.

The iPad Mini models are also likely to sport a 'IPS/FFS panels from LG Display and probably AU Optronics (AUO)' and not the high-resolution Retina Display like the new iPad.

On a side note, the source also revealed that Samsung is gearing up to launch its next generation 7- and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab tablet PCs soon.

The earlier rumors indicated that the production of the  7.85-inch iPad Mini will start later this year. It seems that at the moment the models are in their testing phase with the manufacturers delivering proof of concept. Once Apple gives the final nod, the production will start in full swing by Q3 of 2012.

If Apple is able to deliver its fans like it has in the past, the tablet will not only give Amazon Kindle, Nook tough competition but also give all the budget Android tablets a run for their money.

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