Next iPhone to launch with 4G LTE later this year?

News Radnyee Chunodkar 10:06, 13 Mar 2012

A new iPhone is expected to be unveiled later in 2012 bundled with 4G LTE capability

Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone later in the year.

According to the rumours the next generation iPhone will come bundled up with 4G LTE capability. As per the grapevine, the launch is scheduled for the second half of 2012.

DigiTimes reported that the launch of the new iPhone is expected to boost the sales of LTE embedded technology handsets so much, that it will reach a monstrous number between 45 million and 50 million units. 

These figures not only indicate the expected sales of LTE bundled handsets but also the anticipated success of the sixth generation iPhone.

We say so because the previously projected figures for the sales of LTE equipped handsets were somewhere between 25 million and 30 million handsets.

The rumors also go on to indicate that the next-generation iPhone will outshine the current iPhone 4S with its enhanced speedier processor and a more generous-sized bigger display.

As per some previous reports by bgr, the new iPhone will also sport an entirely ‘redesigned antenna system and case’ and the exterior will comprise of a ‘unibody aluminium architecture’. 

Following the unveiling of the new iPad, the gossip surrounding the new iPhone comes as no surprise to us. What will be interesting though is to see how many of the rumours eventually transpire into actuality at the time of the real launch.

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