Apple’s A5X outshines Tegra 3 - only in graphics processing

News Radnyee Chunodkar 10:11, 20 Mar 2012

Independent benchmarking results confirm that Apple’s A5X is four times faster than NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 in graphics processing

An independent benchmarking result has testified Apple’s claims of A5X being four times faster than Tegra 3. Atleast the case is true in terms of graphics processing.

Laptop Mag pitched the new iPad up against ASUS Transformer Prime to find out that while Apple’s claim stands true in the graphics department. It however does not really outdo Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chipset in all spheres of performance.

The OpenGL 3D benchmark demonstrated that the A5X is irrefutably four times faster in terms of graphical processing prowess. The chipset conspicuously stood out as it delivered close to two times the frames per second and over four times the number of texture pixels.

However the A5X could not beat Tegra 3‘s computational power and performance in the areas of integer, floating point and memory.

Apart from the benchmarks, both the gadgets were also put through a gruelling showdown of running two graphically taxing games named Riptide GP and Shadowgun as per phandroid.

While the Retina display earned Apple some brownies, the Tegra 3 heightened the output quality of its version of games by adding distinctive effects like splashing of water and fluttering of flags.

At the end of it, while A5X outclassed the Tegra 3 at graphics processing, Nvidia too exhibited its unbeatable advantages.

Going back to where it all started, the competition sparked off when Apple, at the unveiling of its new iPad, claimed its A5X chipset to offer ‘four times the performance’ of Tegra 3.

Nvidia promptly voiced its scepticism by stating that there was no ‘benchmark information’. 

Well, an independent benchmark has shed some light on the chipsets' strengths and weaknesses, however, we still wait for results from official tests.

Check out the contenders in action.

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