WishTel to unveil low-cost tablet in March — rivalling Aakash 2?

News Radnyee Chunodkar 06:37, 21 Mar 2012

Outdoing Aakash 2 with it budget tablet could possibly be WishTel’s wish

WishTel is set to launch its low cost tablet on March 23.

Speculations are rife that this could be WishTel’s attempt to take on Aakash 2. It will be worth mentioning here that WishTel India, was the second lowest bidder for Aakash project after Datawind.

While WishTel is publicizing that its new tablet has been made in accordance with IIT Rajasthan’s specifications, it also states that the device will host a support for local Indian languages as per bgr.in.

Adding further, the company also claims that its educational material is tailored to suit various different boards in India, like ICSE, CBSE, and of course, the state boards. It boasts of integrating numerous softwares into the tablet to support all the different boards, while also offering material for IIT Engineering courses.

Although WishTel’s new tablet does provide some competition to Aakash 2 in the department of educational content, we are not quite sure if it will be able to match up to a few other features of its competitor in terms of processor speed, higher battery life and a capacitive display.

In addition, reports hinting that Aakash 2 may employ the Google Play store, only heightens the competition even further.

With rumours of Aakash 2 being launched in April, we will soon figure out if WishTel’s new tablet actually managed to take on Aakash 2 or if Aakash 2 emerged out to be the reigning champion of low cost tablets.

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