Samsung GT-i9300 leaked image could be Galaxy S III?

News Radnyee Chunodkar 05:36, 23 Mar 2012

Leaked image of Samsung GT-i9300 speculated to be Galaxy S III

Samsung GT-i9300 leaked image could possibly be Samsung Galaxy S III.

The leaked picture shows a real handset as opposed to an imaginative image or a press release poster.

Phonearena received the tip-off of the leaked image, which, as per its reports is the Samsung GT-i9300.

Although the image is being highly speculated, there is no certainty on whether it is indeed the much awaited handset from Samsung.

While GT-i9300 may be the codename for Samsung Galaxy S III, rumours had also suggested Galaxy S III to be GT-i9500.

Since the GT-i9100 is the Samsung Galaxy S II, and GT-i9250 is the Galaxy Nexus, GT-i9300 could be the alias for the anticipated Galaxy S III.  There is possibility it could even be some other upcoming model from the Galaxy series.

Looking at the image, the Samsung logo conspicuously sits below the display on the thin, squared off body.

It appears to be a button-less handset running on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS with an interface of TouchWiz. 

The picture also indicates that the phone carries an app drawer with apps and widgets together.

While the upper portion encompasses a speaker, webcam and sensors, the display can be assumed to be roughly around 4.6-inch to 4.7-inch in size, but with no confirmation.

Moreover, the image also gives away the presence of Music, Video and Readers Hub in addition to some ‘S-prefixed’ apps like the S Memo, S Planner and the S Suggest.

While time will unfold the mystery surrounding the leaked image of GT-i9300, the fog engulfing the Galaxy S III should soon clear out as the latest gossip hints at an April launch.


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