Sony Mobile India announces 50GB of free cloud space for Xperia smartphones

News Radnyee Chunodkar 02:08, 4 Apr 2012

The free 50GB of cloud space is available to Xperia smartphones including and released after the Xperia X10

Sony Mobile India has announced a 50GB of free cloud space offer for its Xperia users.

The offer is extended out to all the Xperia smartphone users who are the owners of any Xperia smartphone including Xperia X10 and those released after it. In addition, the offer is also available to all smartphones, which are registered before 31st of December 2012.

Sony Mobile India made the announcement of this delicious offer on its Sony Mobile India facebook page.

The promotional poster for the offer clearly indicates that the Box Offer grants you 50GB of free cloud space. Along with more space, it also enables you to access various applications.

You can lay your hands on the offer by simply downloading ‘Box for Android’ onto your smartphone and logging in to get an automatic upgrade.

The Box (for Android) offers other benefits as well.

Firstly, it lets you view and share your files while you are mobile. Apart from allowing data access on the go, it also ensures that it is done in a simple and yet secure manner. 

While it also allows you to store your files, it offers the added benefit of letting you send large size files with speed.

By letting you access your content straight from you phone or tablet, it even allows you to collaborate with others, as per

More perks include uploading and saving content to SD card, sharing files and folders with links, built-in search, adding a widget on homescreen to seeing updates to files among others.

With so much space and so many benefits, we must say the 'Box Offer' indeed has a lot to offer.

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