Samsung Galaxy SIII to sport 4.65-inch 720p Super AMOLED Plus display?

News Radnyee Chunodkar 08:42, 5 Apr 2012

Galaxy SIII to feature Super AMOLED Plus display. The device enters testing with Korean carriers

Samsung Galaxy SIII may sport a 4.65-inch 720p Super AMOLED Plus display. The device has even entered carrier testing in Korea, according to fresh rumors.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII gossip resurfaces as the handset is rumoured to carry a Super AMOLED Plus display offering a whopping HD resolution with 1280x720 pixels.

While the screen is said to measure 4.65-inches, its ‘Retina display-challenging’ pixel density of 316ppi (pixel-per-inch) can certainly be expected  to be one of the major wow-factors.

Apparently, this is Samsung’s first attempt at launching a Super AMOLED Plus display with the said HD resolution without the support of the Pentile matrix technology. Its previous best was the 4.65-inch 720p Super AMOLED display on Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy SII HD LTE handsets as per the Verge.

Going by the reports, we must say that Samsung is setting a quite a tough benchmark in the field of OLED technology. Samsung is also all set to bring in more high pixel density AMOLED devices in the future too.

According to AsiaE, Samsung mentioned that the device has entered the testing stage with Korean carriers. 

Reports indicate that while Samsung wants the testing to wrap up before the standard period of two months, it will possibly take longer as the gadget houses a quad core too. 


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