Google strikes deal with Paramount, 500 movies coming to Android

News Radnyee Chunodkar 05:52, 6 Apr 2012

Google and Paramount have signed a deal,bringing 500 movies to Android devices

Google has struck a deal with Paramount Pictures that will bring close to 500 new movie titles to YouTube and Google Play store.

The Mountain View based internet giant Google, broke the awesome news about the deal through its official YouTube blog.

While the 500-movie appendage is expected to bring back some cult classics, it is also reported to be very inviting with some brand new cinema too.

With the inking of an agreement with Paramount, Google has now managed to rope in five out of the six major Hollywood Studios to get to strike a contract involving rental deals.

Barring the very coveted 20th Century Fox, Google now has an association with Warner Brothers, Disney, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures and Paramount.

All in all, Google now has a whopping count of almost 9,000 movies that it can offer for rent to millions of people across the globe. 

As per the declaration in the official YouTube blog, many of the movies will be available starting Wednesday, while the rest will to be added over the next few weeks. However, the blog did mention that currently it would be available only to the audience in the U.S. and Canada. 

Nevertheless, on the plus side, Google had also indicated that it has plans of extending this service to ‘more countries this year’. We hope India makes it to Google’s list.

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