Samsung teases fans with 'tgeltaayehxnx' site, a anagram for the 'The Next Galaxy'

News Natasha Garyali 17:08, 23 Apr 2012

Samsung will unveil the first teaser of its hottest Android 4.0 powered droid in the next couple of hours on, a anagram for 'the next galaxy'

Samsung is set to give us the first glimpse of its highly anticipated next generation Galaxy smartphone in the next couple of hours.

The Korean giant directed its fans via a tweet to 'destination: tgeltaayehxnx' which is an anagram for 'the next galaxy'.

The site houses a countdown, which is set to end in just another couple of hours ( 5.5 hours at the time of writing).

Sniffing around the website's page info, we found some interesting snippets hidden in the tags.

The page info reveals description details like - 'Discover how Samsung is about to change the way you view the galaxy.'

This clearly signals towards some stupendous quality display and imaging in the Galaxy SII sucessor.

Apple's new iPad rose in popularity thanks to its stunning Retina display and knowing how the two companies are always at loggerheads with each other, we won't be surprised to find the 'retina' component in the upcoming Galaxy smartphone.

We would probably see bits and pieces of the new Galaxy smartphone assembling on theĀ  tgeltaayehxnx website this week, giving us a better idea of the prowess of the next generation Galaxy smartphone.

With the official launch date slated for May 3, we hear the rumors that the device will bring forth a 4.7-inch screen, 1.5GHz quad-core chip and 1GB of RAM.

With a possible eye-tracking feature called 'Human Interaction', Samsung's Exynos-branded quad-core processor, an impressive 12-megapixel camera sensor and LTE capabilities to name a few, this droid will definitely leave everybody wagging their tongues.

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