There’s more to Android Beam, says Google patent

News Anjum Dhir 08:02, 3 May 2012

Google’s patent wars reveal Android Beam can allow devices to do more than simply share files

As Google’s legal woes are getting bigger and bigger, more and more interesting facts about the tech major’s inventions are coming to light. A recent revelation in its patent suggests that Android Beam may be developed to help Android devices do much more than just share items.

Talkandroid came across a patent filed by Google that specifies NFC functionality between Android devices. Though the patent could be talking about something else, there is a strong possibility that it is indeed focusing on Android Beam.

Given that Android Beam has been in existence for the public since October of last year, Google’s patent may well be revealing things to come. 

The patent details something called ‘sharing application states’, a part of technology that works with apps and functions of audio and video playback, messaging, call status etc. Given Google’s innovative ways, it is possible that the tech major may be looking at more sophisticated functions in future Android devices and building Android Beam for tasks other than sharing of data.

If Android Beam does take off in a big way in the coming months, Google will be able to give competitive players like Apple and Microsoft something to think about. With its network of users growing by leaps and bounds all the time, a good quality Google product won’t take long to gain popularity and grab a chunk of market share.

We will be keeping a look out for all that’s coming out of Google patent wars, messy as they may be. From the looks of it, Google may be in for a long haul. Log on to our news portal on Know Your Mobile India for more breaking news from Google’s many battlefields.


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