Samsung Galaxy S III: Top 10 features we love

News Anjum Dhir 08:21, 4 May 2012

The Galaxy S III is loaded with features that are sure to blow you away. Here are some of our favourites

Samsung is ready to take the smartphone world by storm with the Galaxy S III – and how! From its gorgeous looks to its intelligent interface, we list out the top 10 features that make the S III a phone you simply cannot ignore.

1. Display: The S III has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels (306ppi). Its screen is crystal clear and massive – perfect for looking at videos and pictures.

2. Size: The latest Galaxy phone has a presence all of its own. It weighs in at 133g and sports dimensions of 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.55 mm. Its thinness, combined with its huge screen, makes it a winner in our books.

3. Cameras: The camera at the rear of the phone is an 8 MP shooter and the one on its front is a 1.9 MP shooter. Though we were all hoping for a sophisticated 12 MP snapper, we are happy with the 8 MP camera, especially since it is accompanied with a 1.9 MP front facer – great for video calls!

4. UI: Samsung has made the UI of the Galaxy S III intelligent and responsive. It ‘listens’ to and ‘understands’ what a user wants and responds accordingly, not to mention efficiently.  Of course, the UI activates with just the slightest touch.

5. Smart Stay: This is one of the best features of the S III. Through the front facing camera, the phone detects whether a user is looking at it or not – and uses this information to keep the screen ‘awake’!

6. S Voice: This may well be Samsung’s answer to Siri. S Voice listens to a user and responds in a jiffy. What’s more, it understands 8 different languages.

7. Direct Call: This is the perfect feature for those who, while typing a text message, decide to call the person they are trying to reach.  With Direct Call, if a user feels like calling the person he is texting, all he has to do is move the phone to his ear and voila! The call feature will activate.

8. Smart Alert, Social Tag and Pop Up Play: Staying in touch has never been easier, and neither has multitasking. Smart Alert on the S III makes sure a user never misses a notification, Social Tag helps him to reach out to family and friends and Pop Up Play allows him to do more than just one thing at once.

9. Nature Theme: Something that sets the S III out from its competition is the theme of nature the phone has been inspired by. Besides being a classic theme that one never really tires of, it is calming and relaxing. The phone’s wallpapers, ring tones and sound alerts are all based on the beauty of the natural world. 

10. Colours: Samsung has boldly moved away from the traditional black – and we love it! The Galaxy S III will be available in marble white and pebble blue. The pretty sounding names notwithstanding, the phone looks great in both the blue and the white hue. 

With everything it has to offer, the Samsung Galaxy S III is sure to win over tones of smartphone enthusiasts – and maybe even some die hard Apple loyalists!



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